Thank you for taking the time to view my work. No two weddings are alike and I will do my best to work with you so your ideas come to life. I offer a range of print packages, photo books, and specialty items to cover all your needs. You can also choose to purchase a disc of the full resolution images and print and share however many you like on your own.

My creative fee which includes my time and talents is $350 for a day, that includes photos getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception after, and $425 for a day and a half, which would include extended travel (60 miles from 17821 zipcode), or photographing events before the wedding day such as dress rehearsals or dinners. This payment is due before the wedding.

Tips for allowing for photography at your wedding: Make a list ahead of time of all the formals you want done with family and friends.  Do not forget to account for the time a receiving line will take after the wedding, the more guests you have, the longer it takes.  You should allow for at least 1hour of time for formals after the wedding, but keep in mind, the more groups you have, the longer it takes. I recommend allowing for 45 minutes of group photos and at least 45 minutes of photos of the bride and groom alone. Also, don't forget to take into account travel time if you are doing photos at different locations. I will always do my best to work within your time frame that you have because I understand it is your day, these are just my suggestions as to what I have found works best.

After the wedding, I will create a online, safe and secure galley, for you and whom ever you wish to share it with, of all your images. After you view  your proof images and are ready to make an order, we will set up a time to meet and go over the order to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, or you can easily order right from your online gallery. Only then do you have to pay for the package you choose. I am now able to accept credit cards, checks, and cash. 


Package #1

2- 4x6

2- 5x7


5 Images on

a disk



Package #2

2- 4x6

2- 5x7


10 Images on

a disk



Package #3

10- 4x6

10- 5x7

1- 8x10

1- 11x14

1- 16x20



Package #4

38 Page 9x12 Photo Book

4 - 4x6

4 - 5x7

1 - 8x10



Package #5

10 - 5x7

1 -16x20 CanvassPrint  

2 - 8x10

15 -Images on a disk




Package #6

20 - 4x6 Prints

5 - 8x10 Prints

2- 11x14 Canvass Prints

1 -16x20 CanvassPrint

10 - Images on a disk




Package #7


A complete disc of

full resolution 

images for you

to own and print/

distribute how you like 

(no commercial use)



Hard Cover Photo Books

These are a new, beautiful way, to create your wedding album.  Instead of having your images in an album on a shelf, tucked away collecting dust, you are able to keep these books out on display safely for all to see. They are very similar to a high end photography book you would see out on a coffee table in a home.


26 pages with 60 pictures maximum  - $125

38 pages with 84 pictures maximum  - $160

50 pages with 115 pictures maximum -$200


26 pages with 60 pictures maximum  - $140

38 pages with 84 pictures maximum  - $180

50 pages with 115 pictures maximum -$230

Prints on Canvass

Here is a new twist on a timeless classic. Now have your photographs printed on special artist canvass to create a unique one of a kind piece that will be that show piece and talking point in your home.

8x10 - $75    10x13 - $90    11x14 - $100    11x17 - $110    13x19 - $125    16x20 - $150